Union Restoration Water Damage division is available for all emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We perform immediate dry out, water removal & flood repair


If you suspect you have a leak but don’t want to break your walls just to find it, contact us to perform leak detection using technology that doesn’t require damaging your walls.


Mold is in every home and can be harmless although excessive mold can be toxic. If mold is visible you should definitely have it treated, call us for a FREE inspection today.


If you have insurance on your property you are most likely covered for water damage, mold, fire/smoke, and even plumbing. Call us for a free consultation with an insurance specialist.


It’s hard to imagine anything more traumatizing than a fire in your home. Even a small fire can cause extensive damage and threaten your family’s sense of security.


Weather you have a leak behind your wall, your toilet is overflowing, you have an AC leak, dishwasher leak, burst pipe, or even a water heater leak; take care of it before it’s too late.



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Union Restoration has a team of true professionals in a number of fields. Our lead project managers all have a minimum of 10 years experience to assure you that if we encounter any complication; they’ve dealt with it before. We strive for perfection and always deliver quality service with outstanding end results.

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Water Damage

Florida is commonly referred to as “The Venice of America.” Nestled on Florida’s southeastern coast, it is a populous city with a vibrant community and beautiful beaches. However, because it is a coastal city, it is susceptible to heavy rainfall year-round, tropical storms, and hurricanes. This results in some homes and business suffering from water damage.


Mold Testing

If there is a problem with fungal growth in your home or business, the experienced technicians at Union Restoration Mold Inspection FL will find the issue and single out the origin. Due to our continuous training, Union Restoration is so confident with our mold removal capabilities that we provide all customers with a 100% Pass Clearance Guarantee as well as a 1 Year Mold Free Guarantee.

 Mold Inspection

If there is a problem with fungal growth in your home or business, the experienced technicians at Union Restoration Mold Inspection FL will find the issue and single out the origin. When it comes to mold, testing is the only means that can get you the answers you need. All of the samples Union Restoration Mold Inspection FL collect are sent to an independent laboratory for breakdown. symptoms.


 Fire Safety & Prevention

If a fire occurs in your home, GET OUT, STAY OUT and CALL for help.
Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and outside sleeping areas. Test smoke alarms once a month, if they’re not working, change the batteries.
Talk with all household members about a fire escape plan and practice the plan twice a year


Q: What is Toxic Mold?
A: Every house has some sort of mold and in fact we need mold for the ecosystem because it is technically a fungus that eats organic matter. Now some mold is OK and in fact necessary although excessive mold is toxic, quite dangerous and can even be lethal in some cases. There is no documented approach to detecting mold with the naked eye and therefor government agencies and legal entities will always obligate a mold testing through government certified mold testing laboratory sampling. A small tip would be that if it is visible and growing, it is excessive.

Plumbing Leaks: 8 Smart Tips to Stop Them

Plumbing leaks and the resulting water damage repairs or mold cleanup can be costly. Avoid the inconvenience with some good habits and modest investments in time and money. 1. Locate your home’s main water shut-off valve. If there’s ever a plumbing leak, you can go straight there and quickly turn off the water to the entire house. 2. Install shut-off valves at individual appliances and fixtures. This allows you to keep water flowing in other areas of the house while making site-specific repairs. You can find quater-turn, ball-type shut-off valves for less than $10; you’ll pay around $50 to $150 per hour for plumber, often with a minimum two-hour charge. 3. Install a flow sensor that detects plumbing leaks and automatically shuts off water to the entire house or a specific appliance. Those devoted to a specific appliance start around $75. Whole-house flow sensors can reach into the thousands. Plus, factor in the cost of a plumber. 4. Remove hoses from outdoor spigots in winter to prevent frozen water from cracking the pipes and causing plumbing leaks, or worse, a flood. Install frost-free hose bibs at exerior spigots. 5. Add pipe insulation to the plumbing in cold parts of your house—such as garages, basements, and crawl spaces—to avoid frozen pipes (and to shorten the wait for hot water). Pipe insulation tubes cost as little as 35 cents per foot. 6. Don’t use exposed pipes as hanger rods for laundry or to store clothes. Doing so can loosen joints and fasteners and lead to plumbing leaks. 7. Don’t overload vanities and sink cabinets. When you crowd stuff into your cabinets, you can jostle water supply pipes and drains, loosening connections and causing plumbing leaks. If drips occur, they’re tough to spot amid piles of cleaners and spare TP. 8. Fix problems quickly. Even small leaks can make pipes corrode more quickly, and cause significant water damage or mold. Take the time to periodically scout for signs of leaks and drips.

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Thank you for making my carpet look like I never had any pets when in actuality I have 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a ferret. My landlord never knew how scary. Barbara Hatchins Plantation FL
Exceptional service has been done by the Union team. I had to leave this positive review because everyone should know when there is a fair company out Rebecca Simons Dania FL
I just moved into my new home in Hollywood, FL and knew the tile was dingy but had no idea it would end up looking the way it looked after the technic Nate Ben Hollywood FL
The immediate response thing is no joke. I had a toilet overflow and these guys were here in like less than 20 min. They extracted the water and even Sandy Campanelli New York