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Commercial Mold Removal

Mold in Resorts & Hotels

Mold located in a resort or a hotel is extremely common especially here in the state of Florida for a few reasons. First of all; Florida is considered to have high humidity levels compared to surrounding states and many resorts and hotels are located on or near a beach, intercostal, or large lake which significantly increases the moisture content in the air.

Now these are just factors which increase the chances of mold although this does not guarantee the presence of mold. A properly structured and maintained property has the potential to remain free of toxic mold even through these highly moist conditions. There are many ways to plan a proper maintenance approach to avoid toxic mold growth but first you should know what produces the growth of mold and why it is so common in hotels and resorts in Florida.

Mold prevention is more complex when it comes to hotels and resorts due to the very common cause of mold which is most popularly known as surface mold and professionally labeled as topical mold. Topical mold is caused by an increase of humidity which is ultimately caused by leaving a patio door open and allowing the outside airflow to mix with the inside airflow while the air conditioner is running. This creates moisture in the air which if not treated immediately will result in surface mold. Topical mold is called surface mold because it settles on all surfaces leading to mold on clothes, mold on furniture, mold on ceilings, and mold on walls as well as every visible surface.

Why topical mold is so common in resorts and hotels is because the majority of guests staying in a resort or hotel in the state of Florida are visiting from another state which is usually one with lower temperatures. This leads them to leave windows and patio doors  open in order to enjoy the outdoors while still indoors but at the same time it is still pretty hot indoors so the air conditioner will obviously remain on.  This is commonly repeated consecutively from one guest to the next and eventually resulting in elevated counts as well as visible topical mold. The closer the property is to any large body of water will increase the chances of mold growth in the room.

We understand that topical mold is the most common and due to its unintentional cause it seems that prevention is close to impossible. This leads many resorts and hotels to completely ignore it in hopes that it can be cosmetically covered up or temporarily hidden from the eyes of guests. This is not necessary as there is a form of prevention for mold growth that doesn’t require hiring professionals on a regular basis.

Mold growth prevention in resorts and hotels can take place a number of different ways. One precautionary measure is to set the AC’s thermostat to automatically turn off once the patio door and/or front door are opened. This will eliminate the circulation and mixture of outdoor airflow with indoor airflow ultimately reducing the moisture in the air dramatically. Another prevention measure is to thoroughly wipe down all contents of the unit at least once a month using a mold encapsulating solution. This can be done by a regular maintenance personal with proper training which Union Restoration provides. There are other preventing measures which can be done such as placing a dehumidifier in the room when vacant to absorb all excess moisture from the air and cleaning the AC units thoroughly at least twice a year or once a year at the least.

All these measures can be taken for proper prevention by the maintenance individuals working directly for the resort or hotel. Individuals are not required to be licensed nor certified and there is no risk involved when it comes to mold prevention and in fact it is highly recommended to prevent mold growth by any and all means necessary.

Proper license qualifications and certifications for mold remediation is required If and when mold has become visible and/or has been detected. Union restoration will not only perform the remediation in the most efficient & affordable way but will also spend additional time training all staff on how to properly prevent future mold growth. Following the training program accordingly will assure you a mold free resort and/or hotel… forever.

Our teams of mold removal professionals have plenty of experiences working with large resorts and hotels which we cannot mention any names for due to a confidentiality agreement. We not only treat for mold but will do it discretely and fast in order not to be seen by any guests of the resort or hotel to avoid unnecessary panic. Our teams will arrive for the remediation in unmarked company vehicles as well as unmarked company uniforms. We will also keep from saying anything to any unauthorized personal regarding the mold removal services being performed.

Union Restoration will do everything possible to remove all traces of mold from the property in the fastest most discrete way. Our goal is to be in-and-out of the property and out with the mold for good. When we leave your property your maintenance personal will be trained and ready to begin the mold prevention methods for the future of the resort and/or hotel. We leave your property in hopes to never return for a mold problem again.