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Water Damage

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of water damage.

cleaning pics2Florida is commonly referred to as “The Venice of America.” Nestled on Florida’s southeastern coast, it is a populous city with a vibrant community and beautiful beaches. However, because it is a coastal city, it is susceptible to heavy rainfall year-round, tropical storms, and hurricanes. This results in some homes and business suffering from water damage.  Union Restoration Water Damage experts, we work to restore homes and businesses to their original condition after excessive water damage from torrential rains, tropical storms, hurricanes, or simply leaking pipes. We have been in business since 2012 assisting customers get the very best in water damage repair.

From water taxis to pontoon boats, there’s no shortage of ways to get around by water in Florida. Now if you ever encounter water in your home, that’s another story! With Union Restoration Water Damage, you can count on a team of experts to dry your carpets, upholstery, and drapery, preventing harmful secondary damage. •    If you can stop the water from flowing, shut off the main water valve immediately. •    Hire a professional restoration service within the first 48 hours in order to avoid further damage, such as mold growth, and keep your family safe. •    Union Restoration Water Damage Services include everything from the first step of emergency water removal, drying of structural elements and carpets, cleaning and drying of contaminated air ducts, mold remediation to final cleaning services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning. Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of water damage.

Call on Union Restoration Water Damage Florida for all types of water damage services. If water has damaged your home in any way, Union Restoration Water Damage Florida are here to make it better. You want to first make sure the water supply in your home is turned off and that you and your family are in a safe place. Outdoors is usually the safest place as long as the water damage is not caused due to a hurricane or other natural disaster. A burst pipe or overflowed toilet can flood a large family home within hours, therefore timing is crucial and Union Restoration Water Damage Florida has water damage emergency teams available and awaiting your call. Our water damage specialists are pre equipped and uniformed at all times of the day in order to guarantee the fastest response possible. While there are currently no government regulations in the United States dictating procedures, two large certifying bodies, the IICRC and the RIA, do recommend standards of care. Most companies use the IICRC procedural standard, which is the S500. It is based on reliable restoration principles, research and practical experience with extensive consultation and information gathered from numerous sources. These include the scientific community, the international, national and regional trade associations serving the disaster restoration industry, chemical formulators and equipment manufacturers, cleaning and restoration schools, restoration service companies, the insurance industry, allied trades persons and others with specialized experience. The S500 water damage guide is subject to further revision as developments occur in technology, testing and processing procedures.