Kyle Arvie Liad


Kylie's journey embodies versatility, dedication, and a profound love for language and connection.

Meet Kylie, a multifaceted individual whose journey is a testament to her adaptability, love for language, and unwavering commitment to helping others. Kylie's academic foundation includes the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a major in English, marking her as a dedicated learner and communicator.

Kylie's passion for language transcends the classroom. She ventured into the world of teaching English as a second language to Japanese students online, sharing her linguistic expertise with global learners.

Driven by her desire to aid and connect with people through language, Kylie embraced a career in the BPO industry. Over more than two years, she honed her skills in various technical departments, spanning telecommunications (ISP, prepaid, postpaid, cable), online shopping (retail, logistics, tech), and hospitality (hotel and flight services).

When the pandemic hit its peak, Kylie's commitment to her work remained unwavering. In response to safety concerns, she transitioned to a work-from-home setup, entering the world of Virtual Assistance. In this dynamic role, she showcased her adaptability and versatility:

- In a real estate investment company, Kylie served as a cold caller and appointment setter, contributing to business growth.
- As a cold caller, appointment setter, and negotiator for a real estate investor, she demonstrated her prowess in negotiation and communication.
- Collaborating with CEOs of several companies, Kylie took on roles as an executive assistant, project manager, and manager of past, existing, and potential business partners/prospects, showcasing her organizational and managerial skills.
- Additionally, Kylie's credentials include being a licensed real estate agent, where she served as an administrative assistant, social media manager, and editor, highlighting her diverse skill set.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kylie is the third of seven siblings, a testament to her capacity to adapt and thrive in a bustling family dynamic. While not yet married, she's in a loving relationship and shares her life with a charming 2-month-old Shih-Tzu puppy, exemplifying her nurturing spirit and love for companionship.

Kylie's journey embodies versatility, dedication, and a profound love for language and connection. Join her in discovering the boundless possibilities of effective communication and support.