Jorge Delgado

Took care of all my concerns and mold problems very efficiently they cane highly recommended and I understand why very professional and they really care about their clients.

Yomtov M

Great company. Professional and polite. The price quoted is what we paid. There were no hidden fees like other companies. Would definitely recommend this company.

Hindy P

I had some mold testing done on my condo and the test came back positive for toxic mold. I have a small children there and needed it removed ASAP. Union Restoration came the day I called them and had me mold free 4 days later. They gave me a great price and guarantee to be mold free for at least 1 year. I highly recommend using them.

Basi Botnick

Highly recommend!! Great customer service! They dried up my water leak and removed all the mold too! Plus, They only charged my insurance and didn't charge me a cent!

Jay K

Was told by a tenant there was a roof leak at an Investment rental property in FL, I found Union Restoration online and called them. They went out to the property, detected the source and dried it up. They were very fast and billed my insurance directly. Overall, i am very pleased with their work and professionalism.

Abe Perl

I am so grateful to have been referred to and that I used Union. The staff from start to finish were extremely understanding and very professional. They really cared about getting my house mold free so my family's health would not be in jeopardy. Can't thank them enough!!

Michele Rouach

Great company highly recommend them if you have a water leak and think you have any mold in your home give them a call. I had a pipe break on a weekend and a technician came out to stop the leak. Within a week it was as if nothing ever happened. Thanks union

Shlomo Botnick

About a month after I moved into my new rental property I started feeling ill and was told might be mold. I spoke with Union Restoration and after speaking with me suggested they speak directly with my landlord. In about a week the mold was removed and have been living there sick free ever since. Will highly recommend them to anyone.

Moshe Shindler

Very pleasant to deal with and very professional have used them numerous times.