Leak Detection Services In Florida

If you have a leak but don’t want to break your walls just to find it, contact us to perform leak detection using technology without breaking walls.

Leak Detection Services In Florida

Leak Detection Services in Florida

Union Restoration Leak Detection Services provides affordable leak detection services to homeowners, business owners and property managers who suspect that they have water intrusion problems in their buildings.

Leaks are more common in older properties, but newer properties can have leaks as well. Poor workmanship, settling, and corrosion can cause sudden, catastrophic pipe damage. If left unrepaired, the leaking water can damage your property to the point of rendering it unusable.

When to Call Union Restoration for Leak Detection Services

  • Sound – Can you hear the sound of running water when water is not being used?
  • Mildew – Unexplained new mold or mildew in normally very dry areas?
  • Higher water bill – Has your water bill increased significantly, and you don’t know why?
  • Foundation cracks – Have you discovered new cracks in your foundation or walls?
  • Wet spots or hot spots – Is your carpet unexplainably damp? Do your feel warmth in areas of the floor that are normally cool?
  • Water meter or pump changes – If a commercial or public utility provides your water, is your meter moving when no one is using water? Is your water pump cycling more than normal if you have a well?

If you have any of these signs, call the leak detection services experts at Union Restoration today for a fast and free evaluation of your home plumbing

Assistance In Filing A Claim

Along with performing leak detection services, the experts can also help to mediate an insurance claimed based on their findings. The documents that the inspectors provide can be used as legal documents for court hearings and insurance claims. Seek experts who are certified to assist with claim filing, as their assistance can save you time and money.

Leak Detection 24 Hour Service

Emergency plumbing problems rarely occur during standard business hours. For this reason, it is strongly advised to select a leak detection service that is open on a 24-hour basis. Since time is of the essence when it comes to detecting and addressing leaks, letting a leak continue overnight or though the weekend can be a costly mistake.

Do Not Cut Corners When Seeking a Leak Detection Specialist

The desire to save money up-front is understandable, but choosing the wrong leak detection specialist can be more costly after all costs and labors are completed. You should seek certified leak detection specialists to ensure that you receive professional services. You should also read the specialist’s comments, reviews, and references to verify that the specialist has a solid record of professional work and customer satisfaction.

Leak Detection for Any Type of Building

There may be leaks or plumbing issues in a business building, a commercial property, or a condominium as well as standard homes. Leak detection experts can inspect many types of buildings. Whereas different building types may require different tools or techniques, leak detection experts can perform their duties regardless of the building type.

Leak Detection Services - Investigation and Repair

The first step in repairing a leak is to find out where the leak originated. Since water travels in specific but unpredictable patterns, finding the exact origin of the leak can be difficult.

Expert plumbers are experienced with inspecting complex water trails and formulating effective leak repair plans based on the source of the leak..

Surveying the property to gauge where a leak could have surfaced is another common technique used by leak repair experts.

The ground is softer and less absorptive near the leak site; this gives the leak repair expert an idea of where to start the leak repair process.

If an outside pipe is the suspected problem, contractors will dig in the area where the ground is losing its density and firmness.

Leak repair experts must tread lightly to avoid sinking heavy construction equipment into the soft earth and causing more damage.

Leak Detection Services – Repair Technology

Leak detection and repair is a delicate discovery process, and contractors and plumbers use technology to facilitate the discovery and repair of leaks. Specialized equipment can uncover areas that contain a higher moisture level than surrounding areas. Remote cameras can be rigged to fit into the smallest pipes to determine if there are any areas of concern within the piping system.

Legal Ramifications of Leaks

Property owners must work with the applicable local governments to determine if outside pipe and leak repairs are the responsibility of the property owner or the local public works department.

There are many retail complexes and various housing developments that include both single family homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings, and that means a large burden for aging underground pipes.

As developments around the nation continue to emerge the potential for additional leaks and ruptures of citywide plumbing systems also rises.

It is important to ensure that the correct responsible party pays for the leak detection and repair services to prevent additional litigation.

How Union Restoration Leak Detection Experts Detect Leaks

One strong indicator of a leak is the water meter. When the water meter is opened in a residential building, the indicator – often shaped as a triangle or a circle – is exposed.

If the flow indicator is spinning, this indicates a severe leak that requires the leak detection expert to shut down the main shut-off valve.

When shutting down the shut-off valve stops the indicator from spinning, the leak is internal.

When shutting down the shut-off valve does not stop the indicator from spinning, the leak is outside of the building – often underground – and the expert must use specialized equipment to locate the leak.

Once the expert discovers the source of the leak, the expert solves the issue by replacing the pipe or covering the leakage area, depending on the location and severity of the leak.

Leak Detection with Thermal Imaging and Sound for Flood and Water Damage

Certified leak detection and leak repair experts use sound and infrared technologies to diagnose the location and cause of leaks. The expert will compile the information and data into a report that can be directly submitted to insurance companies and courts. And the equipment that the expert uses is non-invasive, dramatically reducing the amount of additional work, teardown, and repairs necessary to identify and resolve leaks.

Leak Detection for High-Rise Buildings and Office Premises

High water bills and undetected leaks in water and sewer systems can be an economic threat to any business. Business owners need to ensure that when work is done, it is done correctly and at an affordable price. Leak detection in high-rise buildings and commercial settings requires specialized techniques that only a leak detection expert knows. With a reliable expert, the leak will be detected and resolved efficiently and economically.

Figuring Out Why You Have Low Water Pressure

Does your toilet take forever to fill up, your shower head barely put out any water, or your washing machine take days to fill up? Toilets that slowly fill, shower heads with weak output, and washing machines that take excessive time to fill with water are symptoms of low water pressure. Low water pressure can be caused by a number of issues in the home’s plumbing. The first thing to do is to check if the low water pressure is affecting the whole house or if it is isolated to one area or device. If it is isolated, then focus on working on the affected device.

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