Nathan Benhanan


Nathan is a the founder and CEO of Union Restoration. He is guided by a profound sense of purpose.

Nathan is a the founder and CEO of Union Restoration whose journey through various fields showcases a true mastery of every endeavor he embarks upon.

His exceptional career began at just 14 years old, when he started working in a restaurant. By the time he was 16, Nathan had already taken the reins, managing the entire restaurant with remarkable finesse.

At the age of 17, Nathan transitioned into the world of inbound sales at a relocation company. In a mere year, he ascended to the coveted title of the company's top sales representative, and within another year, he earned recognition as one of the industry's elite sales professionals.

By the age of 21, Nathan embarked on an entrepreneurial venture, founding his own relocation company. His visionary leadership quickly propelled the company to unprecedented heights, boasting a workforce of over 40 employees and earning a place among the top five relocation companies in South Florida.

But Nathan's journey didn't stop there. At 26, he ventured into the restoration industry, recognizing a crucial need for licensed professionals. Committed to excellence, he pursued certifications in mold assessment and mold remediation. Today, his business includes divisions led by licensed General Contractors and master plumbers, ensuring expertise in all aspects of mold removal, repair, and restoration.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Nathan is a devoted family man, blessed with six children and another on the way. His unwavering commitment to his role as a husband and father reflects his exceptional character.

Nathan Benhanan's philanthropic spirit shines brightly through his company's initiatives. He extends a helping hand to those in need, offering a chance for homeowners to apply for free mold remediation services. His dedication to local charities further underscores his commitment to giving back to the community.

In all his endeavors, Nathan Benhanan remains guided by a profound sense of purpose, understanding that the true boss is the one above. His story is one of resilience, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Join him on this remarkable journey of success and compassion.