Rumar Marquez

Office Manager

Meet Rumar Marquez, the Office Manager at Union Restoration, where he leads a dynamic team.

Meet Rumar Marquez, the Office Manager at Union Restoration, where he leads a dynamic team committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Rumar possesses an extensive wealth of knowledge in this field, particularly in handling the intricacies of filing and processing insurance claims.

Rumar's dedication to his clients is unwavering, especially in times of disaster relief. He goes above and beyond to assist and support those in need, providing a reassuring presence during challenging times.

Punctuality is one of Rumar's hallmarks, and his availability is a testament to his commitment. Clients can always rely on him, and he makes it a point to be there when needed the most.

Rumar's expertise extends beyond his role as an Office Manager. He is highly trained in mold and restoration, ensuring that clients receive top-notch service and solutions backed by his knowledge and experience.

Before stepping into his current role, Rumar spent 8 years as a Fraud Analyst at Western Union Financial Services Inc. In this capacity, he collaborated closely with Regional Managers across the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the USA to investigate and detect customer and internal fraud. His dedication to maintaining integrity and trust in financial transactions was second to none.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Rumar is a devoted father of three and a loving husband. He exemplifies the true essence of a family man, often dedicating extensive hours, including weekends, to ensure clients always have the support and answers they need, knowing that someone is standing by their side.

Rumar Marquez's story is one of dedication, expertise, and compassion. His journey is a testament to the values of integrity, reliability, and unwavering support. Join him in experiencing a higher level of service and care.